The ‘xu sabbatical log: Katianah Obas


After 5 years of continuous employment, dataxu offers all full-time employees the opportunity to take a 4-week paid sabbatical leave. Just one of the many awesome perks employees receive at dataxu!

To share our xukeeper’s experiences during their sabbatical leave as well as their background at dataxu, we have created the ‘xu sabbatical log’. Katianah Obas, Accounts Payable/Payroll Supervisor, is next up on the log to share her story on how she spent those 4-weeks. Check it out below:

In a few sentences, describe your dataxu experience (roles you’ve held, things you’ve learned, favorite moments).

I have been on the finance team since I started and the team has grown since 5 years ago. I learned a lot from my team as everyone is always willing to help and teach you. My favorite moments has been our team outings. There is always something new that we all learn about each other and most of them are hilarious.

What’s your fondest memory about your first days/weeks at dataxu?

Meeting the other employees and them making me feel like part of the team. Also, getting to know more about what the company did during Xuniversity.

How did you spend your 4 week sabbatical? What was the best part about it?

I spent it traveling. Went to Arizona (Sedona & Phoenix) and saw the Grand Canyon. Also, I hiked some mountains and saw the only blue logo for McDonalds. I went to Curacao to relax on the beach and ended up jumping off a 40 feet cliff into the ocean. It was scary yet exciting and I also ended up with a HUGE bruise since I did not stick my landing when I jumped. I ended up with lifelong memories thanks to dataxu and this awesome perk!  I am really appreciative of DX for this sabbatical. I look forward to the next one 😊