The other meaning of “ROI”


lightbulb and chartEvery advertiser seeks better “ROI” (return on investment).  Since we launched the first version of our platform — less than a year ago! – it’s been gratifying to see many big brands and agencies embrace our solution to drive better ROI from online display.

But  “ROI” has another meaning, and it’s equally important:  “Rate Of Innovation”.  This kind of ROI is measured by how quickly a company can innovate in response to a new opportunity or problem.  And as digital transforms the media and advertising landscape, it’s increasingly apparent that the winners will be determined by Rate of Innovation.

So today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the industry’s first Mobile demand side platform (DSP).  This is a sort of homecoming for many at DataXu, who came to us from Enpocket, a trail- blazing mobile marketing company with a reputation for innovation and high customer satisfaction.

Indeed, the DataXu “tribe” — employees, customers, partners, investors and friends – is formed by a shared belief in rapid and relentless innovation, in rejecting “good enough”, in solving hard problems for customers, in the power of technology to improve business, and more importantly, our lives.

As a repeat winner in the business of growing digital media companies, I’m often asked “how do you tell the winners from the losers”?  it’s actually pretty simple: look to a company’s rate of innovation.  In times of disruption and change, “snapshots” are not meaningful; you need to see the “motion picture”.  So if you’re a brand or agency evaluating ad tech partners, dig into both kinds of ROI!  And stay tuned for a steady stream of innovations from DataXu …