The Evolution of Video: How Marketers Can Win


Over the past decade, the premium video landscape in the US has been shifting away from linear viewing and into digital streaming. Headlines like “TV is Dead. Now What?” dominate the trades and tell marketers they’re losing their audiences.

But this change in viewing behavior doesn’t mean a loss for advertisers. In fact, the same technology that’s causing fragmentation in the marketplace is also providing new solutions. We have access to more audience insights than ever before, opening the door for advanced targeting, customer insights, and solid attribution on TV.

CTV is growing… quickly! According to eMarketer estimates, there will be nearly 95 million CTV homes in the US by 2020. Freewheel’s newly published Video Marketplace Report (Q4, 2018) highlights this growth and huge opportunity for advertisers: Ad views in 2018 grew by 53% on CTV devices and 66% on vMVPDs. Growth in live ads on CTV grew a staggering 86% last year.

All demographics are streaming

While linear TV still grabs the largest slice of the consumer attention pie, CTV is gaining a larger share every quarter. And it’s not just millenials that are watching CTV. Every demographic is streaming. Nielsen’s Total Audience Report (Q3, 2018) found that time spent on CTV devices increased across all demographic groups. Among A50+, time spent on CTV devices increased 30% year over year.

CTV is a premium video environment

It’s a common misconception that consumers aren’t watching truly premium content on CTV. A deeper look into viewing habits shows us that while the device may have changed, quality of content hasn’t.

How marketers can win

The shift to CTV is enabling new solutions for marketers. We have more insights than ever before on consumer identity and behavior, enabling advanced marketing tactics like cross-screen targeting and closed-loop attribution.

dataxu is leading the marketplace in CTV solutions and enabling client success in this new video landscape. Since launching TotalTV™ in 2018, dataxu has seen a 1,250% increase in CTV inventory, a 641% increase in advertisers running CTV campaigns, and a 250% increase in TV revenue year over year. And we’re charging ahead even stronger in 2019.

The core challenge in executing advanced TV targeting is deciphering consumer device identity. Dataxu’s identity management solution, OneView™,  solves this giant challenge by connecting the dots between people and their TVs. Now agencies and their clients can tie TV investment to specific business outcomes, including digital and in-store purchase behavior.

With dataxu’s OneView™  graph technology, advertisers are able to measure across all household devices to determine if a video view led to a conversion. OneView™ also allows advertisers to retarget CTV viewers across devices with complete frequency control to avoid oversaturation. Combining your CTV and digital strategy is easy to do through dataxu and will drastically improve ROI. Contact us to find out how you can improve your marketing campaign today!