Technology Note: Remote Procedure Calls using Apache Avro


DataXu’s engineers are hard at work creating the technologies to create value for our advertisers. We process petabytes of big data to make hundreds of thousands of real-time decisions per second.

This is a challenging task, and we’ve been fortunate to be able to leverage many open source software packages to help us get our product to market faster.  In many cases, we’ve used excellent community-built open source ideas as a foundation, and built improvements on top of them.  This post, by DataXu Principal Software Engineer James Baldassari is an example of how we contribute some of these improvements back to the software community.

We hope that by posting this, we’ll get some great feedback to make our products even better!

For the non-technical: Avro is an open source program maintained by the Apache Foundation that facilitates communication between a client and a server. In advertising technologies, such as real-time bidding, there are hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of real-time requests per second between servers (for example, an ad exchange) and clients (for example, DataXu’s real-time bidding system). For many reasons, we believe Avro is a good technology choice for the OpenRTB project.