Stop Starving Online Video And Start Feasting On ROI


Originally posted on MediaPost, June 11, 2013mediapost_logo

By Mukund Ramachandran, General Manager, Video

Online video consumption continues to skyrocket. Americans watched 38.8 billion online videos last month. On average, viewers spend 40 minutes a day doing it. Is it any wonder that Netflix just bowed Season 4 of “Arrested Development” in its entirety on the Web?

Are you surprised that Yahoo is in talks to buy Hulu? Anything shocking about Amazon announcing 5 web-first original series?  I spent time at this year’s New Fronts where 18 companies announced their video slate for the year. No one was surprised.

And yet online video advertising makes up a tiny fraction of marketer’s overall digital budgets. According to eMarketer, of the $37 billion spent online last year, only 6% (or $2.3B) was spent on digital video.

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