Social media and your digital ad campaign


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Have you checked your Facebook profile today? Don’t be ashamed if you have; it just makes you one of the 75% of Australian Facebook users who check it daily. In fact, Australia now leads the world for how often they check the social media platform. Marketers have, of course, clung onto these statistics, and don’t seem ready to let go anytime soon. This can be seen from how the share of digital marketing budget devoted to social continues to steadily increase – from 6% in 2013 to a projected 20% of APAC digital marketing budget in 2021.

It would seem like good news then, that the launch of News Corp’s new network for premium brands encompasses a strong social element – brands will now be able to deliver their social campaigns to a social footprint of over 7 million, marking a huge step towards enabling advertisers to target a more affluent audience on a larger scale. The problem? Almost two-thirds of consumers view ads more favorably when they are shown on traditional channels like TV, as opposed to on social media. All this notwithstanding Facebook’s claims that their ad preferences enable more targeted advertising that gives users control over the sort of ads they are shown. This begs the question: is shifting ad spend towards social a misstep?

Looking more closely at these results, the issue that surfaces immediately here is that of brand safety, what with 86% of users expressing concern about how easily they are directed to hateful content. The solution, however, should not be a knee-jerk reaction of panicking and pulling social altogether. Instead, this simply serves as a reminder that brand safety should be a fundamental concern underpinning every campaign.

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