P2PI’s Shopper Marketing Summit: Part 1



By Tom  Flanagan, Director, Strategic Services

The Path to Purchase Institute’s Shopper Marketing Summit gathers manufacturers, retailers, technology vendors and service providers to share and discuss the biggest challenges and most promising solutions in the field of shopper marketing. It’s an interesting event for DataXu to sponsor and attend, because at face value programmatic marketing seems only broadly relevant to the Summit – can the same event really be expected to support meaningful discussion of everything from real-time bidding and algorithmic decisioning to in-aisle displays and product packaging?

Actually, it can. Having attended the last several instances of this biannual event, I’ve found the session topics and overall event dialogue increasingly slanted toward digital solutions and enablement technologies. Take for example the titles of the Summit’s session tracks – to me, this could just as easily be the lineup of sessions at an all-digital marketing trade show.

  • General Sessions
  • Sharing Best Practices
  • Activating Shopper Insights
  • Omni-channel Strategies
  • Mobile Marketing Solutions

That being said, one of my favorite parts of attending this show is taking off the digital-only blinders for a few days. It’s fascinating to hear the latest trends and innovations in brick-and-mortar retail shopping experiences, and learn about the effects of “show-rooming” and other emerging behaviors from the perspective of impacted retailers instead of crowing digital strategists. Thinking about business challenges like how to convince your core shopper to make an extra trip per month, or what might motivate her to buy two boxes this week instead of the usual one, is great intellectual exercise and a reminder that underneath all our digital technology solutions we need to be old-fashioned marketers first.

The event was informative and full of interesting keynotes and panels. Check back later this week for my three key takeaways from the Summit!