San Francisco dataxu Summit: Inspired by customer success


Last week, on September 19, we kicked off the first of our annual Customer Summit events for 2017. This year, instead of one large event, dataxu rolled out three regional Summit locations to create a more intimate atmosphere for our guests.

The first event took place on the West Coast in San Francisco’s Minna Gallery with over 60 attendees. The day started with an opening keynote from dataxu’s CRO, Ed Montes reviewing current trends all marketing professionals face around data activation, the rise of streaming devices and Advanced TV, brand safety, and the shift towards self-serve.

Data activation is your key to unlocking better advertising

The first panel session of the Summit focused around data activation and was hosted by dataxu’s SVP Product Management, Marketing, & Technical Solutions, Aaron Kechley. The main discussion points included walled gardens and tying offline sales to digital efforts.

“I see the walled gardens beginning to crack. History has shown that monopolies are temporary. And I think this phenomenon will not go on forever. As soon as one starts sharing more data, advertisers are going to go with them.” Brad Marsh, Director of Strategy & DMP for Team One, expressed when asked his thoughts on the rise of walled-gardens.

When prompted about key learnings on utilizing data in programmatic buys, Matt Mendez, Regional Director, Automotive for Oracle Data Cloud, said, “Separate goals, KPIs, and benchmarks for offline data are necessary as an offline user interacts with a brand differently than that of an online user.” While Brad Friedman, CEO of FanServ, mentioned, “Targeting and scale complete, this was one of my biggest learnings.”

Data activation is your key to unlocking better advertising

Overall, everyone on the panel agreed the benefits of testing and learning against 1st-party data and 3rd-party data, along with offline sale segments, has proven to be successful in better understanding their consumers and how to most effectively target them. Many of the panelist found success in activating their CRM data, as well as conducting numerous test and learn experiments to lead to a more effective way to reach their campaign goals.

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A match made in heaven: Advanced TV & advertising

The theme of ensuring, as a marketing professional, that you are taking advantage of testing and learning with your data in various channels popped up again in the next session on Advanced TV. The topic was discussed by dataxu’s Tore Tellefsen, VP of TV Solutions, and Susan Noonan, Executive Director of Media and Analytics at Butler, Shine, Stern, and Partners (BSSP), as they dove into BSSP’s successful Columbia Sportswear Connected TV case study.

A match made in heaven: Advanced TV & advertising

“Data and audience segments are the best part of Programmatic TV (PTV), it allows one-to-one targeting on so many data sources available, which leads to an increase on impact,” Susan Noonan stated. “It’s buying TV one-to-one instead of mass buying,” she added when explaining her excitement for Connected TV. She found that buying TV programmatically not only was more cost efficient compared to traditional TV buys, but also increased the brand’s relevant reach.

“Programmatic TV allowed us to do a full-funnel approach to TV—something that was not possible historically. We were able to start with brand awareness messaging and move to product benefits.”

– Susan Noonan (BSSP).

Brick-and-mortar, brand safety, and more

Other topics of sessions included how paid media can be used to overcome the unique challenges that brick-and-mortar advertisers and their agencies face, along with discussions around the ever-prevalent concern around brand safety.

The closing two sessions focused on the value of trust within a partner, whether it’s a DSP or any vendor marketing professionals are working with. As we start to see a shift in the industry of marketing professionals building their own teams and taking programmatic buying in-house, it’s important to partner with vendors that have your back and your interests at heart. With an increase in demand for transparency and hitting minimums, taking programmatic buying in-house and running campaigns self-serve has its advantages, allowing for more control. But a truly successful partnership should be a joint effort between advertisers, their agencies, and ad tech vendors. Marketing requires creativity, strategic expertise, and measured risk-taking and there’s nothing more important than trust between the parties involved to reach success.

value of trust within a partner

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