The Real Deal on Programmatic Trends: Marketers Speak Up in New Report


If there’s one thing that can be said about programmatic, it’s that it’s fast-moving. New trends, best practices and cutting-edge technologies seem to spring up every day. There’s always something new and interesting to discuss, along with fresh opportunities to learn where others are succeeding or finding challenges. This thirst for learning spurred DataXu’s ongoing programmatic roundtable series, Marketing in the Programmatic Age, with Business Development Institute.

In 2014, we held a series of roundtables with senior marketers around the US on programmatic. We shared the findings from the first six of these insightful events over the summer, and now, we’re revealing the learnings from the second half held Q3 and Q4 of 2014.

With programmatic we’ve found you can do just about anything a client wants. But the questions become, should you, and how will it benefit client goals?” – Agency Executive

This go-round, the attendees from brands, agencies and publishers focused on the trends to watch in programmatic. Outside of the hype and the media reports, what is and what will impact programmatic strategists and practitioners?

More than 300 attendees had a lot to say! We’ve distilled the many hours of thoughtful conversations into a new report, In the Words of the Marketers: Trends to Watch. See what your peers have to say about ad fraud, transparency, viewability, and more. Whether you identify as a novice or expert, there’s something new for everyone in this report.

We’re kicking off the next series of roundtables in March. Interested in being part of a roundtable as a panelist or attendee? We’re hitting six cities, and would love for you to join us. Email us at roundtables(at)dataxu(dot)com for more information and to request your invitation.

  • March 10 – Dallas
  • April 28 – New York City
  • April 30 – Atlanta
  • May 7 – Chicago
  • May 14 – Minneapolis
  • May 19 – Los Angeles