Rich Media or Bust!


Note: this was originally a guest post on PointRoll’s blog.

On September 29th, I had the opportunity to team up with PointRoll’s Adam Carroll on a webinar to “bust” some of the “Top Myths in Rich Media and Exchange-Traded Media.” Bust we did – silencing pervasive misconceptions including: 1) You can’t run expandable ads on exchange-traded media, 2) DSPs are limited to remnant exchange-traded inventory, and 3) DSPs are just for direct response.

The bottom line is: rich media and expandables ARE available on exchange-traded media at HUGE scale. Moreover, we’ve done the heavy lifting to make sure that exchange-traded rich media delivers against industry-leading default rates, and in combination with our proprietary impression-level decisioning and active analytics capabilities, we have seen tremendous results in delivering brand engagement and other “upper funnel” metrics.

The final myth we busted, that “there is just one, best creative,” ignores the hundreds of other data points influencing a specific campaign’s ultimate success.  Advertisers need a system that can intelligently consider, not only the creative, but also all of the data points available with an impression (e.g. context, consumer AND creative) to select the best creative, along with the best impression and best user for a given marketer’s campaign goals.  For instance, a creative that works well for a woman on the East Coast at 5:30 p.m. may perform in an entirely different manner for a man on the West Coast at 7:30 p.m.

Let’s not forget however, the importance of the creative.  In fact, last year we published a MarketPulse study where we evaluated multiple impression attributes in the categories of consumer (who saw the ad), context (where the ad appeared), and creative (what the ad looked like) to see which attributes were most predictive of conversions.  The result?  Each category was well represented, but creative attributes were the winner — correlating most highly with conversions for 48% of the campaigns.

What does this mean? Creative can’t be successful unless it is considered in the broader context of all available data points. And this forms the foundation for our partnership – engaging rich media creative by PointRoll combined with impression-level decisioning and active analytics from DataXu.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with PointRoll in the future – stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months of joint advertiser successes!

Adrian Tompsett, Director of Business Development, DataXu