DataXu’s Revamped UI Receives Highest Usability Score In Independent Study


As more and more agencies and brands bring programmatic marketing technology in-house, or are adopting a trading-desk model, they need intuitive self-serve software to make the business transformation successful. New users need to be able to quickly get up to speed on a platform, while experienced users need to be able to do their jobs in less time.

To better address the needs of our self-serve customers, DataXu has been hard at work improving our platform’s user interface (UI) over the past 18 months. Our new UI was inspired by users, beta-tested by our user community for nine months, and further refined based on their feedback.

Today, Validately, an independent user experience (UX) research firm, released the 2017 Demand Side Platform Usability Report. This report details the results of a head-to-head study that evaluates the overall usability of DataXu’s new Campaign Manager workflow versus four other leading DSPs.

We are thrilled to announce that DataXu’s new Campaign Manager received the highest usability score out of five industry-leading platforms included in Validately’s study.

A few of the key differentiated features of the updated UI include:

  • Rapid flight creation
  • Ability to rapidly make batch changes/edits across many flights at one time
  • Single-screen interface to access all campaign settings
  • Ability to ”inherit” master campaign settings down to individual line items
  • Self-guided product tours
  • Improved speed and reliability

The release of the new Campaign Manager is a huge win for DataXu self-serve users at agencies and brands alike. Combined with our industry-leading machine learning, optimization, and cross-device technology, DataXu users no longer have to choose between powerful and easy.

Download the Validately report on DSP Usability by clicking here.

Download the 2017 DSP Software Usability Report