Why retailers are adopting a programmatic approach to marketing


Today’s retailers understand the customer journey has drastically changed. Consumers use multiple devices to find product information and engage with brands. If retailers don’t appear consistent throughout this buying journey, they risk diminishing their brand and losing customers. Marketers therefore have to adapt their thinking and strategies and find ways to present consumers with a unified message across screens and channels. Each touch point has to contribute to a cohesive brand experience.
By adopting programmatic marketing technologies, retailers can achieve the ultimate goal of one-to-one marketing, choosing what message to show on a single impression-by-impression basis, resulting in significantly better campaign ROI, and deeper audience insights.

Below are the four main benefits;

1. Ability to map the omni-channel customer journey – the path to purchase is increasingly digital and occurring across a set of devices and touch points. For example, retailers could engage with consumers on the desktop first, deliver offers to their mobile and then close them in-store. Technology is making it easier to measure and market to this new customer journey.

2. Multi-channel attribution modelling – whether a retail advertiser’s campaign goal is to drive traffic to retail partners or to move products off shelves, attribution modelling helps marketers understand the most effective paths a consumer can follow. Programmatic lets you see the complete set of engagements that drive each conversion.

3. Eradicating channel silos – in this programmatic era, channel silos make no sense. Your customers don’t stick to one channel, and your marketing shouldn’t either. Dictating how much to spend in each channel – regardless of performance – hinders campaign ROI. With an omni-channel programmatic platform, you can determine the best allocation of spend by channel.

4. Becoming more customer-centric – actionable data helps retailers move from a fragmented, uni-channel marketing approach to one that is fully customer centric. Campaign execution merges with market research so that advertising becomes the new form of research – retailers now know who their best customers are and how to engage them.

Some of the leading players in the industry are heading to the European Online Retail Forum in Barcelona next week to discuss how digital transformation is impacting retailers. DataXu’s General Manager of Europe, Sacha Berlik is hosting an interactive roundtable titled, ‘Adapting to Digital Disruption’ on the 3rd of September at 2.30pm to reveal how retailers can leverage technology to better understand and engage their customers. We look forward to having an in-depth debate with the delegates at our session, whilst also enjoying the spectacular beach front views the W Hotel has to offer.

If this topic interests you but you’re not attending the event, you can download our recent whitepaper, Marketing to the New Customer Journey or email us at info-eu@dataxu.com for more information.