Reblogged: Make a resolution for greater digital transparency this year


This week, DataXu Country Manager, UK & Nordics Chris Le May published a new article on MediaTel on digital transparency. See below for why transparency is a hot topic for 2015, and see the rest of the article here.

As the end of January approaches, people’s resolutions are dropping off quicker than viewers of The X Factor: the gyms are empty, while the fruit and veg sections of grocery stores are suspiciously full. It’s a far cry from the green smoothies and packed running paths of the beginning of the year.

Even if your personal resolution to get fit or finally learn Spanish haven’t panned out, how about setting a resolution for your business instead that you’ll actually stick to throughout the year and – hopefully – beyond? This year, set your agency-wide resolution to demand greater transparency from your technology partners, and offer that transparency in turn to your clients.

It’s remarkable how much is still unknown about the online space even though digital marketing is a key part of any agency’s offering. You hear about untrackable ‘dark social’ conversations, or the dreaded ‘black box’ of programmatic advertising, but much less about transparent digital media buying, or the many clear and collaborative ways brands and agencies are working with technology.