Reblogged: Marketers Need to Ask Lots of Questions Before Using Too Much Data


This week, DataXu CRO Ed Montes was published on CMO Today, the Wall Street Journal’s marketing blog. Check out this short excerpt of his article on cross-device marketing. 

The digital advertising community is currently on the cusp of taking a significant leap forward. At the heart of this optimism are the widely anticipated releases into the marketplace of a range of ad technology products in 2015 aimed at solving the perplexing challenge of cross-device consumer marketing. For example, both Facebook and Google, along with a number of other advertising technology companies, are said to be working on software and or tools designed to address this very challenge.

Because consumer mobile behavior is not trackable via cookies– those tiny pieces of code that help marketers track people on desktop computers–there has been a chasm between advertiser tracking of desktop behavior and that of mobile behavior. And because consumers are spending more and more of their time on mobile platforms, the ability to seamlessly track and attribute effectiveness of cross-channel ad campaigns has become an imperative to marketers. Simply put, brands want to know if their ads work on different devices, and ideally, work together. But the last thing we need is to damage consumer trust and confidence by getting reckless with data.

While marketers are eager to leverage the ever-proliferating troves of data available to capitalize on cross-device insights, as the data depth grows, so does the scrutiny that marketers must apply to their marketing partners to understand where and how the data is being sourced and used.

See the three questions marketers must ask their technology partners over at CMO Today