Reblogged: DataXu Finds Two Cloud Providers Better Than One


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Last week, Jeff Ferry from Daily Cloud published a great article on DataXu and the cloud technology that powers our platform. Check out what our CTO and co-founder Dr. Bill Simmons had to say below, and see the full feature on Daily Cloud: DataXu Finds Two Cloud Providers Better Than One.

“We’re all-in on the cloud,” says Bill Simmons, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at DataXu. Simmons has a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT, and worked at NASA on real-time systems to control Atlas space vehicles, before launching himself into the advertising industry. Most of DataXu’s business takes place inside computers, including building a database on online media and the millions of consumers consuming that media, the analytics it performs on all that data, and the real-time bidding it does to purchase media space on behalf of its clients.”