Reblogged: Ad Viewability: the Importance of Being Seen


Earlier this week, Martin Brown, DataXu’s Vice President, Managing Director UK and Nordics, authored an article on viewability that appeared on M&M Global. Check out his thoughts on viewability, standards, and the challenges faced by marketers in the excerpt below, and see the full article here.

Digital advertising platforms help marketers target consumer audiences online and deliver ads across various digital media channels. These platforms can roll out the right content to the right demographic at the right time. Certainly, such a promise is appealing to marketers – especially since consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on these online channels. However, are they really the golden ticket?


Today’s marketers are managing multiple vendors from media buyers to publishing agencies and technology providers. Often, each have their own ways of measuring engagement meaning that visibility into who is really seeing online ads and evaluating the effectiveness of the current vendor mix is becoming very difficult. According to recent research by comScore, 54% of advertising delivered goes unseen. Marketers are wasting a huge amount of their media budget on ads that did not have the opportunity to be seen.


So what exactly is viewability? Well, according to the recently published IAB standards, viewability measures whether an ad was served where the user had the opportunity to view and is defined as 50% of the ad unit being in the user’s viewable screen for at least one second.