Questions to ask before launching a DOOH campaign


We all know that the world of advertising is constantly evolving, bringing new formats for marketing professionals to reach their consumers. Working these new advertising formats into your client’s media plan can make all the difference in driving success. Enter, digital-out-of-home.

Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) is putting a new, more advanced spin on your average, traditional billboard advertisement. It allows consumers to connect with your client’s brand anywhere—driving on the highway, walking around the airport, or even riding the elevator.

With so much potential for reaching consumers, why wouldn’t you implement DOOH in your next campaign? Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to launch a successful DOOH campaign.

Who is your audience?

Identify what defines your target audience. What’s their age? Are they male or female? What kind of job do they have? Do they travel often? Do they walk, drive, or take public transportation? Answering these types of questions will give you a clear sense of who you are trying to reach.

Thinking about these questions and how the answers tie into your client’s product or service can help you identify who is most suited to react to your billboard. Because if you’re not clearly identifying your audience, your advertising becomes less effective. Focusing on the audience you’re trying to reach will help you maximize campaign success and increase brand awareness.

What is your main goal?

Think of DOOH as the supplemental portion of your marketing efforts in driving awareness. If your main goal is to drive lower funnel actions, you should consider implementing DOOH in addition to other campaigns to continue driving awareness among consumers. It allows you to generate more of an audience on-the-go rather than drive a product purchase or action on a website because, unfortunately, you can’t click on a billboard!

A simple tactic you could use in conjunction with DOOH, is to set up a mobile geofencing campaign around the location where your advertisement is placed. Consumers can see the billboard when they are in that area, and then see a corresponding ad on their phone that they can physically click. This combination, although not foolproof, can give you a broad sense of whether or not your billboard campaign is performing in terms of conversions—but keep in mind it is not a direct one-to-one depiction of the campaign success.

Where are you going to place your ad?

Placement of a billboard ad differs from your average display and mobile campaigns. Traditional mobile campaigns, ads are served to us through whichever site we are navigating or whatever app we are using. Billboard ads, on the other hand, have a fixed placement. And so it’s important to be strategic on where you place the ad so you can ensure relevant consumers are seeing it.

Are they hold typical 9-5 roles? You might consider placing your ad in an office building elevator for high-level executives to see on their way to work. Do they like to travel? Place your ad in an airport for frequent travelers to catch a glimpse of while they wait to board their flight. Think about your client’s product or service and who you’re trying to reach so you can easily cater to where those consumers most likely are.

Increase awareness, drive actions

DOOH is simple digital advertising but effective in getting the message across to consumers. Incorporating DOOH into your marketing plan can create brand awareness for your client in addition to driving actions and conversions.