Programmatic Marketing in the UK – Mobile and Video Lead the Charge


Digital ad spending in the UK continues to rise and eMarketer predicted that it will account for nearly half of all UK ad spending in 2014. A few weeks ago eMarketer’s Stephanie Wharton interviewed our UK Managing Director, Martin Brown, to find out more about the current digital and programmatic marketing landscape and to identify key drivers behind this impressive growth.

Below you’ll find an excerpt of the interview from the eMarketer report titled, “Marketing in the UK: Programmatic Video Grows”.


eMarketer: How quickly is programmatic ad spend growing in the UK, and for mobile in particular?

Martin Brown: The rates of growth for programmatic expenditure are increasing exponentially. The adoption rates for programmatic amongst marketers and agencies have been incredibly significant, and mobile in particular is seeing a much higher level of investment than before.
If you look back 12 to 24 months, this space was probably dominated by acquisition marketers. Now, they are moving away from the pure acquisition model toward creating a brand message for programmatic. That’s probably due to the growth of channels like video.

eMarketer: What ad formats are they [brands] investing in most?

Brown: Video. The level of investment in both pre-roll and banner video has increased significantly in the last three to six months. We are starting to see more traditional creative executions become available programmatically. Things like takeovers from institutional publishers, which historically had always been publisher to customer engagement, are now being offered programmatically.

eMarketer: What trends are you looking forward to in the coming 12 to 18 months?

Brown: Programmatic TV is going to be significant in the next 12 to 18 months. There are also a lot of conversations between programmatic technology suppliers and agencies about the best way to execute programmatic. I can see this becoming a topic that’s going to gather a lot more attention in 2015.


If you’re interested in learning more about programmatic video you can join us in Hamburg for d3con, Germany largest real-time advertising event on 10th March 2015 where we’re hosting a joint workshop with LiveRail. For any other questions please get in touch.