Programmatic Marketing in the Age of Digital Darwinism


Originally posted on ClickZ, March 18, 2013

By Julie Ginches, VP of Marketing

ClickZ LogoHistory is rife with tales of once-great companies now struggling to survive, or closing their doors completely (Kodak, Tower Records, and Blockbuster, to name just a few). The cause of their demise? “Digital Darwinism.” Digital Darwinism recognizes the disruptive forces of modern marketing methodologies, digital media, and the persistent need for personalized consumer-centric experiences. Simply put: those who evolve will survive.

No doubt, the new reality is intimidating. New startups come out of nowhere and take down mighty brands, seemingly overnight. The newcomers – e.g., Uber and Dropbox – enter markets acting nimble, hungry, and unafraid to reinvent the way things are done. The consumer, who is no longer paying attention to where a brand used to be, is game for all things digital. She responds to messages that recognize where they are and what they are looking for and never look back. So much for brand loyalty.

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