Programmatic I/O 2016: Event Recap


On April 1314, DataXu was a proud sponsor of Ad Exchanger’s Programmatic I/O, the world’s largest conference focused entirely on programmatic marketing.

The conference, hosted in San Francisco, brought together nearly 1,000 attendees representing top brands, media agencies, publishers and tech providers. Over the course of the two day event, industry leaders covered a number of trending topics including quality (most notably viewability and fraud) and innovations in programmatic TV.

Programmatic I/O 2016 Lobby

In particular, the discussions involving advancements in programmatic TV were some of the most compelling. On day two of the conference, Aaron Radin SVP of Partnerships and Portfolio Products at NBCUniversal, reminded attendees that despite what some may think, TV buying will not change overnight.

The institution and practices surrounding TV have been in place for years, and will take time to mature and advance. However, as Radin acknowledged, there is a very real opportunity for marketers to leverage data-driven technology to fully realize consumer-centric TV ad delivery.

Programmatic I/O 2016 Panel

Sandro Catanzaro, Co-Founder and SVP of Analytics and Innovation here at DataXu, participated in a fireside chat with Fernando Arriola, VP of Marketing at ConAgra Foods, to discuss additional programmatic TV trends.

Arriola pointed out that it’s not just about channel-centric buying, rather, marketers need a portfolio approach with online video, addressable TV, connected TV and linear TV all playing a part in the larger media plan. This omni-channel approach is something that Sandro also noted as a key necessity for advancement.

Programmatic I/O 2016 DataXu booth

For more on programmatic TV, read the ABCD Guidelines (Automated Linear Broadcast Cross Device Standards), which Sandro released live onstage during GABBCON NYC earlier this year.