Is Programmatic In-House right for you?


I’m pretty excited for Joanna O’Connell’s talk at the next Programmatic I/O. She’s calling it “When and how to take programmatic media management in-house” and it’s based on lot of discussions she’s had with platform providers and their customers. Should be chock full of interesting findings.

We’ve got a lot of perspective on this subject, having offered a self-serve programmatic platform for about four years. So we decided to take some of this hard won experience and package it up in a short primer for people who are somewhere along the journey toward operating their own platform. In it, we offer tips on resource allocation, hiring, and platform selection. You can download it here.

Like Joanna, we don’t think it’s for everyone. But if you’ve done your due diligence and have decided to take the plunge, this guide will help you do it right. Good luck!