Predictions: “Mobile Will Surprise People This Year”


This past Monday, DataXu CEO Mike Baker spoke on the “Looking Forward…DSP, RTB, OMB!?!” panel at the IAB Networks & Exchanges event.  Mike was joined by representatives from both the agency and vendor side of the digital advertising space for a rousing discussion that covered topics such as:
•    Content vs. context in digital advertising
•    Premium advertising inventory in the DSP space
•    Buyer, seller, and media trader differentiations
•    Evolving ad standards, and more…

Jay Sears from ContextWeb moderated the panel and ContextWeb posted a full-length video of the session to their blog. Check it out here:

At about 23 minutes in, Jay poses a very interesting question around the ability for rich media, mobile and pre-roll advertisements to deliver the same standardization, volume and liquidity as display ads.

Mike explains that in his opinion, mobile will surprise people this year.  With the tremendous growth of smartphones and data plans, he believes the volume will definitely be there to make mobile a significant channel for advertisers.  And while the mobile platform may not be as visually glamorous as digital, its static display capabilities will help mobile advertising to eventually be traded in a similar fashion to online display.

Check out the video and see what YOU think.