Podcast Recap: Walled Gardens and Key Industry Trends


The last few months have seen an interesting, and slightly turbulent, time for the advertising industry; filled with speculation around the validity of metrics from walled gardens and the questioning of the ever-present “rulers,” Google and Facebook.

Walled gardens have essentially become the rule-makers on metric standards, and represent a lack of transparency with industry partners, customers and stakeholders. They have complete control over their ecosystem, including applications, content, organic media, paid media and any gathered data. As data transparency becomes a rising concern, what is happening inside walled gardens becomes a larger, more pressing question.

As the industry reacts, we have come to see a collective “flexing of muscle” from the buy side of the industry in steps toward taking back power from these seemingly untouchable giants. From brands pulling ad dollars to acquisitions aimed at strengthening positions, many are asking what’s next for the industry and where are we headed? Can walled gardens be broken down or is it better to get in on the action?

To help find an answer to this question, AdExchanger, a leading voice in the digital advertising and marketing space, brought in DataXu’s CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Baker, for an episode of their regular podcast AdExchanger Talks. The series takes a deeper dive into the latest industry trends and daily news through interviews with key industry influencers from agencies, publishers, advertisers and data providers.

Mike was eager to discuss the topic of walled gardens and what key trends will help shift the industry towards a more transparent, trustworthy space for all players.

Listen to the full podcast for more on the state of the industry and walled gardens, media, marketing and investment trends and how DataXu fits in and delivers value in this ever-changing industry.

Find the full article from AdExchanger here.


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