New Research: CMOs Believe Big Data is a Game Changer, But Admit That They Aren’t Yet in the Game


Are you fully tapping the value of data-driven digital marketing to drive sales? New research indicates that most enterprise organizations are not.

According to the DataXu-commissioned 2012 Digital Marketing 2.0 Study announced today, enterprise organizations have embraced digital marketing, and consider it to be a valuable channel to provide customer insights and drive sales. In fact, the study indicates that 75% of enterprise decision makers believe that leveraging their digital marketing data will help their companies dramatically improve their business.

At the same time though, enterprise organizations report that they are not fully capitalizing on the data generated by their digital marketing initiatives.  Why? The study shows they are not able to mine true customer insights from their digital and offline data because they lack the tools and talent necessary to get the job done.

What’s the potential business impact of this shortcoming?  Failing to fully capitalize on the data they heavily invest in capturing not only diminishes enterprise organization’s ROI, but also put them at a competitive disadvantage. In short, it opens the door for competitors to gain market share.

In fact, this issue has the power to shake-up the competitive landscape. Companies that master the ability to manage their digital marketing and offline consumer data and truly extract value from it will win. Those that don’t will fall behind. And the gap between the two will only widen as more and more budget dollars migrate to digital.

This is just one of the many interesting findings in the white paper we released today. Commissioned by DataXu, the study is the result of a research effort conducted by customer strategy firm Human 1.0 and the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR), a non-profit think tank. Overall, it demonstrates why management should make it a top priority to take a closer look at the people, tools, and processes they have in place to analyze their available data to make rapid, intelligent decisions to drive profit and boost ROI.

We invite you to explore the full report, available for download here, and register to attend our March 29 webinar (here), where DataXu and Human 1.0 will discuss the results of study in detail.