What happens when Programmatic meets Easy?


I often marvel at how prolific our industry is at coming up with new ways to invest and measure digital media; I’m not sure there is another out there that could rival it.  The only problem with our insatiable thirst for innovation is that the industry usually prioritizes “easy” as a second class requirement.  Something relegated to v.next after the “minimum viable product” is shipped and making money.  And for a platform like DataXu, that connects and unifies the many parts of the ecosystem under one easy self-service console, “easy” is an especially tough challenge to meet.

That’s why we are hard at work at making our platform easier to use than ever, and I am thrilled to announce the New DataXu Console, the first of many major product upgrades we’ve planned for 2014.  Response from our beta users has been overwhelmingly positive, and I hope you like it as much as they do!  The new DataXu Console is…


  • New Campaign Dashboard enables one-stop management with near real-time data, in-line editing, interactive charting, and practitioner-designed pacing and trending data.
  • Over a dozen reporting enhancements including on-screen download, new metrics, new dimensions, and usability upgrades.
  • Billing improvements that make it easier to track and manage platform fees.
  • Platform-wide search to help you instantly find anything you’re looking for from creative to tags, to campaigns, flights, or users.
  • And another dozen usability improvements to make life easier for our users.


More Effective

  • IP Targeting and Blacklisting supports use cases such as B2B and B2C conquesting, local takeovers, and unique audience building and retargeting.
  • One-ad per page increases media efficiency by optionally limiting the platform from placing multiple ads on a single web page, a common challenge faced by buyers of real-time exchange media.


  • 2x faster page loads
  • 4x faster reporting
  • 5x better data availability

And Better Looking!

  • A clean, updated look & feel with improved navigation and a blazing-fast login.

For more…

We issued a press release this morning with a couple of quotes from happy customers. You can check that out here

And we put together a short video here

by Aaron Kechley, Senior Vice President, Products, DataXu