How to maximize unique reach in OTT and digital TV


A core principle of brand marketing is maximizing reach to a target audience while keeping a campaign pace that will stay within your investment goals. However, this can be tricky as too much frequency causes poor customer experiences and too little frequency reduces the overall effectiveness of your ad campaign.

It should be an easy problem to solve, right? Just identify your target frequency and make sure your ad campaign hits those targets.

However, while the solution may seem simple, there can be some significant roadblocks to achieving this vision. Particularly without the assistance of truly advanced software.

Three Common Obstacles Of Ad Campaign Set Up

Below are three common obstacles brand marketers often run into when setting up their ad campaigns and how advanced software enables marketers to be successful in achieving their objectives.

1. Identify Households And The People Within Them

To set a successful frequency cap across TV content everywhere, you need to be able to identify both the household and the people within that household whether they are at home or on the road.

For example, I watch TV from Hulu on the train on my mobile phone and then pick up where I left off at home on the big screen. If using device oriented frequency caps, the true frequency would be much higher than individual campaigns would report. This is a symptom of siloed campaigns and can drastically impact your customer experience and the overall effectiveness of your ad campaign. More frequency means less opportunity for someone new to interact with your brand.

2. React In Real Time

Digital marketing happens in real time, so a forecasted “optimal frequency” is just that—a forecasted number.

The market changes, audience dynamics change and the number of available uniques in your target segment is always fluctuating. This is especially true in new channels like Connected TV as thousands of new consumers are watching ad supported content every day. If your system isn’t understanding potential reach at the exact moment your campaign is live and measuring frequency in real time, then you’re missing out on reaching your available audience in an effective manner.

3. Optimize With Automation

In managing reach and pacing a campaign effectively, a campaign manager needs to adjust frequency controls, i.e.1 per hour vs. 5 per day, along with modifying bids. Completing these tasks manually without automation requires an excessive amount of time as campaign managers would need to make continual adjustments based on real time campaign performance.

There is just not enough time in a person’s day to optimize a campaign for reach, along with all other marketing objectives required for the success of a campaign.

So What Do You Do?

To overcome these challenges easily, look for a software solution that emphasizes the cross-device and omnichannel experience that you can add to your ad tech stack. The solution needs to operate in real time in order to provide maximum impact for your budget, ensuring that you never miss a prime connection opportunity due to software latency.

One such example is OneView, our cross-device, data activation solution. It recently achieved the highest marks from Forrester Research for omnichannel identity management in the latest Omnichannel DSP Wave Report. OneView enables real time understanding of identity that supercharges campaigns. It enables customers to understand exactly which households and people are watching your ads and enables frequency controls across all channels.

To power OneView, we created a reach optimization algorithm which modifies campaign parameters and bid logic to make it easy to maximize reach. With this optimization algorithm, we can track a new metric: Cost Per Household Or Person Reached, which is similar to Cost Per Point in traditional TV. This metric enables marketers to gain a clearer view into exactly how far their dollar is going in terms of reach. The lower the number—the better. This useful metric is now a tool that our customers have access to for more in depth analysis and future planning.

Benefits Of Extended Reach

By deploying OneView and the reach optimization algorithm, our customers have doubled the unique reach of some flights. This has enabled those customers to effectively double weekly unique reach and reduce the cost per household by more than 50%. Through reach optimization with an omnichannel ad tech solution, advertisers can make the most of their budgets and target the impressions that matter most.

Want to learn more? Talk with us about reach optimization and cross-device identity!