Singapore Marketing Innovation Summit 2015: Event Wrap Up


Programmatic adoption in the APAC region has admittedly been more gradual than in the Americas and Europe. However, if audience reactions to DataXu and Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Programmatic Workshop at the 2015 Singapore Marketing Innovation Summit on November 18 and 19th are anything to judge by, APAC is finally ready to embrace programmatic advertising.

This year’s 2015 Marketing Innovation Summit attracted over 175 brand, agency, technology, publisher and media attendees. The focus of the 2015 Summit was around successfully building organizations that adapt to innovation rather than resisting it—and using technology to drive innovation throughout the organization. Programmatic ad-tech and mar-tech have been driving the broader industry for a number of years now; in the APAC region, marketers from AOL and Kimberly-Clark APAC took the stage to discuss pros, cons and the broader strategy behind a programmatic push in 2016.

Mike Baker, Co-Founder and CEO of DataXu, kicked off DataXu’s second annual Summit half-day workshop by stating that the tipping point for APAC’s mass adoption of programmatic would come when data at last becomes easily accessible by the APAC marketing industry. Accessibility of data remains a challenge in the region, as does determining ideal tracking and measurement metrics for programmatic.

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