Macro Programmatic Vs. Micro: Stepping Over Dollars In The Pursuit Of Pennies


Originally published on AdExchanger, 10/28. Written by Tom Flanagan, DataXu’s Director of Stratgic Partnerships

It has been said that we usually fail not because of the lack of a solution, but because we set out to solve the wrong problem.

By focusing on micro-optimization within each type of advertising investment, rather than macro-optimization across all media allocations, marketers shortchange themselves and their highest-leverage decisions.

Marketers’ recent affinity for technology spending is well-documented, and much of this budget is flowing into programmatic data and media management tools. Logic would suggest that brands are busy acquiring capabilities that move the needle on their very biggest problems – but that is not what I am seeing.

 Nearly every programmatic RFP I see focuses on micro-optimization functionality, such as display demand-side platform (DSP) targeting and bidding features. I certainly support these channel-specific targeting capabilities and see the value they create for unit-level media performance and efficiency. But is an ever-more-accurately targeted banner ad really going to make or break a brand’s fiscal year?

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