Tuning In: Live TV Advertising Through DataXu’s Platform


DataXu’s OneView technology is helping advertisers make the most of advanced TV methodologies by enabling precise audience targeting, and real time buying and optimization, on premium live TV content. Taking all the advantages of programmatic digital advertising and applying them to live TV.

UPDATE: Interested in buying premium TV ad time during the NBA playoffs? Contact us now to get in on the action or keep reading to learn more about DataXu’s live TV advertising capabilities.

See It In Action

To showcase this novel practice, DataXu recently targeted our Boston office with our own ad during live television on Sling TV. Here are the results:

Through the DataXu platform, we were able to air a DataXu ad on live programming on ESPN. This ad only appeared in the DataXu office through our unique Roku device. Through the DataXu Platform, we created a highly specific audience and directly targeted ourselves in real time through an automated bidding process.

Demonstrations aside, DataXu’s customers have been utilizing this technology since 2016, including one campaign which used this method to buy premium, live air-time during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament this March. This advertiser built a custom audience based on geolocation, consumer behavior, and personal interests to ensure that, not only would their ads run on premium live content, but that they would only appear in the appropriate households.

Live TV Programming Like Never Before

Television consumption has evolved drastically over the last several years. Instead of being locked into viewing a program only when it airs on its original broadcast station at its original time, viewers can now watch essentially any program, any time they want, anywhere they want.

The big outlier? Sports.

Yes, you can DVR the big game to watch after it airs, or replay highlights from your phone or tablet, but if you don’t tune in for the live event, you’ll miss out on all the excitement as it happens. Imagine watching the Super Bowl a day late.

With today’s technology, viewers can watch live sports events, or other live programs like the Grammys, wherever it’s most convenient for them. Streaming services, such as Sling TV, allow users to tune into live programming from both mobile devices and connected TVs in their homes as if they were watching a traditional broadcast. This advancement opens a multitude of opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audiences, in more automated, convenient and precise ways.

Target, Buy, Measure, Repeat.

With the DataXu platform, advertisers are able to target audiences as they would for any programmatic digital campaign. Then, as ad opportunities arrive from partners such as Sling TV, the system automatically bids to place the ad; all automated, all in real time.

This allows for greater control and targeting to help advertisers ensure that they are getting impressions that they actually want.

Throughout the campaign, advertisers have access to all standard digital video campaign metrics such as impression delivery and video completion rate cut across several dimensions including date, geography, application and/or channel and device (i.e. Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.).

Upon completion of the campaign, advertisers have access to more advanced analytics including digital engagement and brand lift amongst the target audience throughout the duration of the campaign.

The Shift In Live TV Advertising

As TV changes, TV advertising has the opportunity to change with it. Advanced technology and data science have opened the door for TV advertisers to make use of tools previously only available to their digital counterparts.

With new technology, like DataXu’s OneView, matching specific consumers to all of their devices, including a connected TV or other over-the-top (OTT) device, means that advertisers can run truly seamless, targeted campaigns, all from one platform. There are a number of benefits that this new methodology offers and we are excited for the opportunities it unlocks.

Let’s get out and play ball.


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