#AdTechAnswered: The key ad tech terms you need to know


The ad tech industry has a language unto itself. Rapidly evolving tech and constantly changing consumer behavior means that new terms and phrases pop up all of the time and keeping up with the latest terminology can be dizzying even for the most astute marketing professional. Advanced TV, blockchain, OTT, DOOH…what do they mean? How do they affect advertising in today’s digitally-driven world?

To help you stay on top of key industry terminology, we’re kicking off #AdTechAnswered across all of our social channels. Follow along on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram using the hashtag #AdTechAnswered to stay in the know on the must-know industry terms.

Here are a few of the inaugural terms for kicking off our new social series (you can see others in our ad tech glossary):

Advanced TV | dataxu Ad Tech Answered

Ad Pod | dataxu Ad Tech Answered

ASVOD | dataxu Ad Tech Answered

Auction | dataxu Ad Tech Answered


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