Introducing ‘vCPM’: The Right Way To Think About Viewability


Originally published on adexchanger – January 21, 2013

Viewability is on the top of every digital marketer’s wish list for 2013. The emerging metric seeks to measure how frequently an ad is actually seen by a user, and not merely the number of times it’s served by a site’s ad server. It’s safe to say that all people (except maybe our cookie bombing friends) agree that viewability is a good thing for the industry and a step toward pulling real TV dollars into our space.

Ad networks in particular built their optimization strategies around making sure their cookie was last in line to receive view through credit. Bringing viewability into the mix offers the opportunity to legitimize this often (and rightly) criticized attribution model.

Please see the full article, Introducing ‘vCPM’: The Right Way To Think About Viewability, for more thoughts on viewability and the evolving models.