Introducing the TotalTV Marketplace


At dataxu, we’re focused on simplifying the process of buying advanced TV.

Introducing TotalTV™ Marketplace

The TotalTV™ Marketplace makes it easy to identify publisher partners and connect directly to premium video content on connected television, mobile and desktop devices. The Marketplace team at dataxu is in direct contact with over 50 publisher and exchange partners and curates hundreds of deals to live within the TotalTV™ Marketplace. dataxu customers can access this premium content while overlaying data targeting to ensure they only reach their desired audience wherever and whenever they are watching their favorite content. Additionally, customers don’t have to rely solely on vanity KPI’s like video completion rate to determine the success of their advanced TV campaigns. dataxu’s proprietary technology allows us to measure ROI with industry-leading closed-loop attribution and reporting.

Inventory Packages

Along with the TotalTV Marketplace, we are excited to announce Inventory Packages. There is a wide variety of premium video inventory out there on connected television, mobile, and desktop devices. The Marketplace team at dataxu has created the below packages to simplify the offering and help our customers target a sufficiently sized pool of inventory to hone in on your desired audience.

  • Long Form CTV: Long form, full episode TV content, including traditional linear TV shows and movies from television networks as well as digital-based content providers. This package includes both live and video-on-demand (VOD) content.
  • Mobile and Desktop FEP: Full episode content streamed on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Live TV: All live streaming TV content on CTV, mobile, and desktop devices.
  • Sports: All sports content, live and VOD, on CTV, mobile, and desktop devices.
  • Short Form CTV: Short form content that runs on Connected Television devices. Short form CTV content includes sports highlights, recipe clips, music videos, news briefs, and more.

These new offerings achieve 2 major goals for dataxu.  First, offering our customers the easiest and most efficient way to execute TV buys across connected, addressable and linear TV. Secondly, ensuring customers have the best inventory that scales to reach their desired audiences wherever they are.

Click here for more information about dataxu’s TotalTV™ for advertisers’ solution.