Introducing Interactive Pre-Roll Video!


Earlier this week, DataXu announced new functionality added to DataXu for Video, interactive pre-roll! Now, brands and advertisers we work with have the option of using video pre-roll ads (the ads you see before a video on YouTube or a news site) that are interactive. For example, if it’s a car ad, you might be able to look at different models, customize the car color and features, or request a test drive–all within the video ad! We also announced that OMD International and Sony Network Entertainment Europe have already begun using interactive pre-roll to drive interactions and sales for the PlayStation store in the UK, France and Germany. Check out what some of the key stakeholders have to say about this new capability!

“Interactive Pre-roll has grown rapidly and now represents at least 15 percent of the total digital ad spend globally. In more developed markets, such as the UK, France and Denmark, interactive video is becoming an essential engagement mechanism to keep brands front of mind. We are looking forward to working with DataXu and Innovid to create a tailor-made program of innovative formats with the excellence of DSP buying.”

— Ronak Patel, Associate Digital Director of OMD International

“As a pan-European digital retail business, we needed a programmatic solution that went beyond pre-roll to deliver a highly engaging, immersive format with cost efficient buying. Working with DataXu, we created bespoke campaigns in multiple territories with strict commercial objectives. Aligning our advertising and localizing each creative was very significant in delivering a seamless brand experience from the ad unit to the market pages. DataXu’s Interactive Pre-roll offering delivered a continual increase in user engagement and achieved sales with high average order values.”

— James Reid, European Marketing Manager of Sony Network Entertainment Europe

“As a cross-channel platform, we are very excited by the addition of this capability. Interactive Pre-roll, along with other rich media formats, provides a compelling reason for brand marketers to embrace programmatic marketing with DataXu for unmatched efficiency, flexibility and transparency. Combined with deep consumer insights, the DataXu Platform enables marketers to engage in a conversation with consumers throughout their multi-channel journeys. ”

— Aaron Kechley, SVP products at DataXu