Introducing Digital Marketing 2.0: Where Big Ideas Meet Big Data


DataXu is pleased to be a sponsor of the Digital Marketing 2.0 Community. Living in an era of ubiquitous digital devices is changing consumer behavior and, in turn, driving a paradigm shift in marketing. CMOs unanimously cite that they are underprepared to handle the data deluge generated by consumer interaction with digital media, and are uncertain what tools, technologies, partners and resources they will need to develop new strategies for interpreting the data and making real-time business decisions based on the insights it provides.

In response, we decided to launch and support an industry-wide conversation, backed by a research study, on how companies can tap into the power of the customer intelligence derived from a fully-digital world. We hope that you will share your opinions and thoughts, and become an active proponent of education, interaction, and collaboration with your peers. We look forward to seeing and participating in productive discussions, dialogues and debates.