12th Annual Interactive Day San Diego: Event Recap


On May 6, DataXu was a proud sponsor of the 12th Annual Interactive Day San Diego (IDSD), one of the West Coast’s premier digital marketing and ad technology events.

The one-day event was held at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, and key topics discussed ranged from Data & Analytics, Content & Distribution, Branding & Marketing, Design & Inspiration, and Development & Technology.

Among the 20+ sessions and 30+ speakers, some of the notable discussions included:

  • Making a Connection Using Neuroscience: Highlighted a study that utilized neuroscience-based emotional biometric measurement and eye tracking techniques to understand the subconscious influence of video advertising on emotional engagement as an indicator of performance.
  • Leveraging Digital to Drive Hospitality: Focused on understanding the active evaluation phase and utilization of data, insights, and loyalty to convert intenders to guests.
  • Leveraging Intent to Drive Positive ROI in Mobile Advertising: Explained how marketers can leverage cross-channel intent to drive a positive ROI.

Interactive Day San Diego DataXu booth

One of the most widely attended sessions was “Will Machines Replace People?” in which the room was so packed there weren’t enough seats for all attendees! The panel featured speakers Heather Blank, SVP of Helix Solutions at MediaMath; Stacey Subject, Director of Programmatic Education & Innovation at Centro; and Ellyn Rice, Associate Media Director at Mindgruve. The panel focused on trends in the programmatic space as well as how agencies and brands should be evolving to add programmatic strategy as a cornerstone in their business. Ellyn Rice represented the agencies viewpoint, and made it clear that this was a tactic all agencies must be employing, as it’s imperative in the current landscape to evolve. When asked, about 50% of the room said they’re currently buying media programmatically, and when asked if they still felt there was more information needed to understand the ecosystem, approximately 75% agreed.

Another theme that extended through many of the sessions was the need for a cross-device solution. During the “People-Based Marketing” session, Mike Schott, VP of the Western US at Viant, spoke on the fact that this is no longer an inventory-based marketplace for brands, but rather we’re starting to focus on the user at every point of their path to purchase. Schott also hit on the fact that since we live in a world where consumers are engaging on multiple devices daily, often at the same time, it’s important to be able to measure the user on all channels to most effectively attribute the value of an audience

Overall, the event allowed for fantastic networking between agencies, brands, and partners. The sessions were very informative, and despite the very un-San Diego-like weather there was a great turnout.