Innovation Day at DataXu


lightbulb cupcakesVery often I’m asked the question by my technology colleagues:  “What keeps you up at night?”  I always find this question hard to answer, because they are really asking me what I’m worried about and what’s broken.  The truth is that I sleep soundly at night, because I know whatever challenges we face at DataXu, our team will solve them.  Not only will we solve them, we will break barriers and accomplish things that other companies do not dare to attempt.  The only thing that really keeps me up at night is excitement from what we may accomplish as DataXu grows.

Last Thursday was “Innovation Day” here at DataXu – a day designed to spawn creativity, unbridled ideation, cross team collaboration, and more importantly, to take a break from daily obligations and have fun pushing our products forward in non-traditional ways. Everyone was encouraged to team up with people they don’t normally engage with – sales with developers, client services with finance, marketing with human resources – to research fresh new ideas that could enhance DataXu’s solutions and/or culture.

You might be thinking to yourself, “isn’t DataXu a technology startup, aren’t you innovating everyday?” and of course the answer is “Yes!” But we wanted to try an experiment to see what could blossom when teams are free to create and contribute without limits or instruction. This proved to be an enormous success with 12 unique projects showcased over burritos and margaritas. Many are destined to become real product innovations and the rest an indelible memory in a long list of good times at “the Zoo.”

It’s a pleasure to work with talented people who are truly engaged in the Company’s mission. The people on DataXu’s team not only work hard towards our common goals, but they are obviously also thinking about what we are trying to achieve on their own time and in their own ways. Thank you team for the great work last week!

-Bill Simmons, CTO, DataXu

DataXu employees

DataXu employees

DataXu employees

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