Infographic: The CMO vs CMT


The chief marketing technologist (CMT) is on the rise, but will it make the CMO role redundant?

Marketers are relying on technology like never before and the fragmented technology landscape needs a leader who bridges the gap between marketing and IT. Part technology expert, part strategist and part creative thinker, the chief marketing technologist (CMT) could be the business world’s response to the increasing pace of technological progress. There is no doubt about how prevalent this role is set to become in UK businesses, but will it make the CMO role redundant?

We surveyed 250 decision-making UK marketers for the report, The New Marketer: How Data and Technology are Driving the Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist and the results show how important technology skills are becoming for marketers. 70% of UK marketers even predict more brands will be recruiting for this role in the next five years and 31% aspire to become a CMT or take on a similar role in charge of marketing technology.

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