Independent Agency BSSP Embraces the Future


ClickZ-Logo.jpgOriginally posted on ClickZ, May 29, 2013

By Julie Ginches, Vice President of Marketing

Agencies, vendors, and service providers facing discontinuous change in the advertising industry can react in two ways. They can shake their heads at disruption as digital outpaces print and TV, and data and science replace “faith-based” models. Or they can seize the moment, reinvent themselves, and take advantage of the emerging opportunities offered by programmatic marketing – better insights, deeper engagement, and improved ROI. At stake? Continued relevancy and business growth; an estimated $14 billion in real-time buying spend forecasted by 2016; and the $66 billion estimated for programmatic marketing platforms – the intersection of digital media, data, and analytics.

BSSP, a thriving, award-winning agency with a top-shelf client list, is definitely in the second camp. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Keith Johnston and Lynda Richardson at BSSP about their move to transform their digital media buying and standardization with a programmatic marketing platform. Here’s what they had to say.

To see the full interview with Keith and Lynda, view the article here: Independent Agency BSSP Embraces the Future.