In a world…


…where data is ubiquitous, it sometimes pays to let your imagination run wild. Here at the ‘Xu, our engineering team has the ability to take time to work on outside the box projects. We call it AMP time. Saket Mengle, an optimization engineer here, has a fascination with text mining. I love movies. That spells AMP.

Back to that world of data ubiquity. Imagine you’re a Minivan marketer. Imagine your boss tells you to find the best movies against which to advertise. How do you pick? Now, we know the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot doesn’t offer ad inventory, real time or otherwise, but it does attract a certain kind of audience.

Saket decided to figure out which kind. He took nearly 1,000 eXelate data segments and measured the 5+ million ads we showed to those segments when they happened to be on sites where summer movies were discussed. We then indexed the results to see which audience segments were most interested in which films (a mention + a visit = interest).

We selected some of our favorite results and put them together in the form of an infographic. Minivan makers? Park your showcase vehicles in front of multiplexes showing Spiderman. Want to reach legal professionals? Calling Guardians of the Galaxy.

File this one under “fun” rather than “actionable” but it points to some fascinating mashups we can produce using semantic (=text) analysis and media data.

Click on the image below to see the entire infographic. We hope you enjoy.

Summer Blockbuster Infographic Aug 2014 excerpt

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