Putting Brand Safety Concerns to Rest


Leveraging a Digital Marketing Management platform to execute programmatic buying of exchange-traded media is a great solution for marketers. While these platforms offer advantages in scale, cost and optimization, marketers are also aware that there is some risk and it goes something like this: “Can you ensure that this ad will not run next to content about <<insert unsavory topic here>>?”  Experienced marketers know that the definition of “unsavory” will vary by brand, by product, and by campaign. Enter the need for customizable Brand Safety tools in programmatic media buying.

For providers of digital marketing management platforms, DSPs, independent Brand Safety solutions and other parties in the space, enabling control over where ads can run has been a long-standing priority. Currently many DSPs and digital marketing management solutions offer brands a mix of blacklist and whitelist options, brand safety tools with levels of priorities, and the ability to partner with a 3rd-party solution. This week DataXu raised the bar again by releasing its precision whitelist and blacklist capability.

This new feature enables users to move beyond blocking an entire domain to restrict ads from running on a specific content but instead to either restrict or include pages at the subdomain and directory levels. What does this mean for marketers? More reach, more safety, and more value from their digital marketing efforts.

DataXu has an established reputation as an innovator solving many of our customers’ most challenging problems including Brand Safety concerns. In June of this year, Double Verify named DataXu as one of the top-three safest advertising platforms. According to the study, it wasn’t even a close race: “The most compliant platforms [outperformed] the lower tier of players by almost 5 times.” More recently, DataXu received a score of 5 out of 5 for Brand Safety in the December 2011 Forrester Research, Inc. report “The Forrester Wave™: Demand-Side Platforms, Q4 2011.”

Marketers require a streamlined technology to help ensure brand safety in this complex digital marketing landscape. DataXu’s DX3 platform includes its industry-leading, multi-level, customizable Brand Safety feature as part of its integrated stack. As a result, DX3’s advertisers can assign a Brand Safety level to meet their needs without incremental operational burden. DataXu brings the effort full-circle by offering fully transparent, sub-domain-level reporting to allow advertisers visibility into exactly where their ads have been shown. These tools enable advertisers to more effectively manage their brand’s reputation with its consumers.


By Whitney Jones, Product Marketing Manager