DataXu at the iMedia UK Summit & Key Takeaways


iMediaI recently attended the iMedia UK Summit at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne. DataXu sponsored the event, and my colleague Chris Le May and I also moderated a roundtable. The event was well attended and I found the content interesting and the audience deeply engaged. The combination of fewer break out pitch sessions than past events, a mixture of marketing and agency folks to speak with, and diverse content made it appealing to everyone.

Here are some of my key takeaways from the event:

  • Social is still hot! iMedia addresses a variety of content and as is often the case, social media was the most discussed topic.  The audience was particularly interested in the use of social media, from Twitter usage during events like the Super Bowl or the Grand National, to social media use for customer service.
  • Mobile as the second screen: This is something we at DataXu are quite familiar with. The message that marketers must change their thinking from device centric, and instead look at the overall digital growth, and respond with content that is appealing for each customer on each channel. A blanket strategy for television, mobile and online just won’t work; personalize the message!
  • Digital big data is the future: We then discussed the “big data” aspect of digital and how one can utilize big data to increase ROI. The debate didn’t really flourish during the open session, but was picked up in DataXu’s round table discussion at a later stage. That is where we got into the weeds of attribution modelling and omni-channel campaign targeting. We discussed the use of data, how agencies are testing mobile campaigns and the disconnect between “which data is collected”, “which data is used” and how to integrate it into a media plan.

Needless to say we could address those issues and help with the analysis of data in order to drive higher efficiencies and effectiveness from online campaigns. Another need that was addressed is the differentiation between prospecting and re-targeting and how to be balance this on a campaign basis as well as setting up locally targeted campaigns.

The second day some interesting presentations were given to connect the dots. Samsung spoke about the innovations they come up with for the “connected house,” and  James Hilton from AKQA pinned the digital strategies down to “Remove the Pain”, e.g. that any brand experience needs to be pain free and easy for the user to be successful.

The last, and perhaps most important takeaway was “if you cannot explain it to your 6 year old, you haven’t understood it”. With many complex topics surrounding marketing today, this is generally a good mantra, as it’s easy to get down in the weeds with things. I hope we see another great event next year, with maybe more floor discussions and more discussions on data and its use and analysis.