“The larger our partner ecosystem, the larger our customer’s footprint.”


– Steven Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive – IBM Software & Systems via the Smart Commerce Blog 

By Maria Martinez-Diaz, Sr. Manager, Business Development

In an industry that innovates faster than it consolidates, simplicity is often a foreign concept. Leveraging best in class platforms should be easy, not hard for marketers. Partnerships between companies should improve data flows to help marketers achieve their performance goals. Some companies in this space capitalize on the complexity to take advantage of marketers, while others are looking for ways to automate things such that more money gets spent on marketing, and less on overcoming friction and pain points.

That’s why we were excited to announce our partnership with IBM’s Digital Data Exchange last month. And now, per IBM’s announcement last week, we are a proud member of IBM’s Digital Marketing Network through our DDX partnership. We chose to partner with DDX because their approach resonates with our core value proposition – easy, efficient and effective.

This partnership with DDX does just that – making it easier and more efficient for marketers to tag their sites and push data into our market leading execution and decisioning platform to deliver more effective marketing  results.

Specifically, with this partnership, customers of DataXu and DDX marketers can:

  • Leverage first party data on top of guaranteed buys – DXGM:  Leveraging the joint solution, for the first time, marketers will be able to take advantage of their rich 1st party audience data set for execution across the guaranteed media plan.  When a consumer abandons their cart, no longer serve them a generic brand banner, but hit them with an offer that gets them to buy.
  • Build brand specific algorithms through the DataXu Algorithm Marketplace ™:  Combined with a steady flow of data from DDX, DataXu’s algorithm marketplace provides an outlet for marketers to use the unique signals in their data to better inform programmatic buying of media.  DataXu can help create customized algorithms that build in marketer data signals to hone media investments.  Or a marketer can use one of our existing dozen algorithms to improve marketing efficiency.
  • Develop a 360 degree view of consumer on and off the website: Through DDX marketers can share deep website data with DataXu from search activity to conversion path and shopping cart events.  Coupled with the DataXu Intelligence Suite ™ marketers can discover the interests and consumer activities beyond their own website to not only draw deep insights from media activity but to inform the media plan and deliver a more consistent, effective and engaging consumer experience.
  • Deliver better customer ROI with granular behavioral profiles:    Tag management improves the ability to support granular 1st party segments based on user engagement, demographics, site activities and more.  With deeper activity data DataXu can determine which pockets of existing customers convert more heavily, what creative types drive  prospects to convert, and what customer segments are worth reducing investments on.

Together, IBM and DataXu allow you to go from Data to Insight to Action to make marketing easier, more efficient and more effective.