Hyper Target without Sacrificing Scale: DataXu Introduces Audience Optimization


As digital moves from the fringe to the core of most media plans, marketers are looking for more effective ways to engage the online consumer.  From traditional demographic targeting to social influencers to search intenders, finding your audience and delivering the right message is key.  Third party data enables advertisers to more precisely target their audience, but advanced targeting techniques can also have the unwanted effect of limiting campaign reach and scale.

Today, we announced our Audience Optimization program that allows advertisers to easily integrate proprietary and 3rd party data into the DataXu system for advanced audience targeting, optimized campaign performance and sophisticated audience insights.

What makes DataXu’s Audience Optimization unique is actually the same thing that makes DataXu unique, our proprietary learning system.

Unlike other DSPs, DataXu is able to not only target specified audience segments, but actually learn the most effective combinations of creative and context within those segments and apply those learnings to extend the campaign beyond the originally defined audience segment.  This solves the scale problem that plagues pure play audience buying strategies.  DataXu’s real-time bidding system then uses a variable-pricing model to “bid down the curve” or value impressions relative to how closely they resemble the optimal performance patterns.

Here’s how it works in practice: a financial services company is looking to target 34-54 year old males with a high household income for a new “retirement product.”  Their media plan projects a target audience of 2 million consumers  online, but with the specific campaign parameters in play, they are able to reach only 250,000 unique impressions initially.

Using DataXu, the advertiser can then run an Audience Optimized flight across an additional 1.75 million uniques, all of which resemble the consumers that are converting on the offer.  The Audience Optimized flight is built from impression- level data and web site activity and predicts which combination of consumer, ad creative and context signals are most likely to result in a conversion – pattern matching from our learning system.  The media is valued and purchased, and creative selected, based on how closely the pattern resembles the target audience conversions.

For more about our new Audience Optimization capabilities, see the full press release here: https://www.dataxu.com/news/audience_optimization.php or contact us at sales@dataxu.com.

-Mike Baker, CEO, DataXu