Is the world ready for programmatic?


Let’s say you’re a major brand with a global footprint. Let’s further suppose that you believe Programmatic Marketing is more than a fad, that it offers real benefits to brands that embrace it and that those benefits are amplified when applied globally. Finally, let’s suppose that you’re ready to make a significant programmatic investment. So, is the world ready for you?

The answer is unquestionably yes. According to a just-released white paper from the Winterberry Group and the IAB:

The drive to globalize the practice of programmatic audience development is in full force, pioneered by advertising technology companies seeking to build a seamless worldwide presence in advance of their clients’ expansion efforts.”

According to the study, more than half of global technology and service providers are “actively building programmatic audience development capabilities outside of the U.S.—with more than half of those ‘aggressively’ pursuing the same.”

Want to know more, including the seven critical prerequisites for a market to be able to support cross-border investment? Download the full report here.