Open-sourcing our GitHub-webhooks webservice


By Matt Ferrante, Senior Software Engineer in Test

DataXu has released github-webhooks, a webservice for handling GitHub Events and triggering Jenkins Jobs. We use GitHub heavily and want to automate as much around our process as possible. By easily configuring handlers for events, we can trigger jobs when someone makes a commit, submits a pull request or makes a comment on an issue. Our Jenkins is more secure, not allowing any contact from the open internet and the trigger configuration gives us standardization across all our repositories.

The service can be deployed as a Docker Container and configured to run any jobs with parameters on Jenkins. We have included our configuration in the repository so anyone can use it the same way we are. We hope this will bring a Golden Age of Automation, where many companies are using a similar branching strategy for contributing and releasing.

We invite you to investigate the code and use it. It’s currently hosted on github and is licensed using the New BSD license, the most “open” open source license out there. If you have ideas to improve our github-webhooks service or find issues, please post them to the github issues page seen here:

Happy Automating!