From Geocentric to Mobilecentric


Six hundred years ago, common philosophy (and the King) favored a geocentric view of the universe with Earth stationed at the center. This view of the world remained relatively unchanged until the 16th century when a young man, Nicolaus Copernicus, introduced the notion of a heliocentric universe where the Sun ruled the planets, not the Earth.  This new view of the world had significant and far-reaching religious, philosophical and social implications.

Now more than a decade into the 21st century, a similar paradigm shift is occurring. As consumers, we have moved from a world where desktop computers were our centers of communication, to a completely new dimension – the mobile landscape. The development of powerful portable computers (disguised as cell phones) has revolutionized the way we do just about everything, including how we spend money! And, as the saying goes, advertising dollars follow eyeballs.

According to a recent eMarketer study, US mobile ad spending is set to increase by 48% this year, leaving the 2011 year-end projection at just over $1 Billion – a figure expected to double again by 2014. With these changes come demands to address market complexity and fragmentation.

DataXu’s DX Mobile is a significant leap forward for an advertising industry that has long been tangled up in operational complexities, manual optimization techniques, lack of standards and inadequate measurement. With DX Mobile, advertisers will benefit in a number of ways:

  • Reach – From a single point of control, DX Mobile reaches across all exchange traded mobile inventory sources eliminating cumbersome and expensive intermediaries.
  • Engagement Optimization – To date, mobile advertisers have only been able to optimize their campaigns to drive clicks. With DX Mobile, advertisers can dramatically expand their reach past the simple clicks and deep into engagement metrics to determine what matters the most—results.
  • Advanced Targeting –DX Mobile gives advertisers the power to determine the real value of campaigns by evaluating the cost of engagement and breakdown of impressions by:  carrier, handset type, time of day, geographic region and creative concept.
  • Insights and Analytics – DX Mobile allows advertisers to know precisely which users and behaviors are driving performance.

As the second general release in our three screen platform line-up, DX Mobile shows a clear indication of the converging digital advertising marketplace. In a 2020 world where all advertising will be delivered digitally, the DX Mobile platform offers advertisers the opportunity to manage media budgets at scale with intelligence and success.