“Fixing Advertising” Comes to Boston


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For the 9th Fixing Advertising event this year, Dapper will be in Boston, geeking it up with the best and brightest in Display (DataXu included!)

The discussion will explore how far we’ve come in 2010, what work still needs to be done (hint: it’s not fixed yet!) and what we see for 2011.  One large issue to address is how we can leverage these new data-driven display technologies to actually scale.  Going beyond retargeting, driving new customers into the funnel, and bringing more measurable performance to brand campaigns all carry the potential to drive far more volume into this ecosystem.  Let’s figure this out!

Where: The Harvard Club Boston (374 Commonwealth Ave)
When: Tuesday, November 30th @ 7pm

Our panel:
Mike Baker, founder and CEO at DataXu

Jeff Steeves, Director, Customer Acquisition at CSN Stores
Nathan Woodman, COO at Adnetik
Scott Portugal, SVP Sales at e-Miles, former CRO at TraffIQ
Jon Aizen, Director of Product Marketing at Yahoo! and Dapper co-founder
Our moderator is Tom Penque, VP at MediaContacts

Open bar as always…

Register Here: http://www.fixingadvertising.com/upcoming-events/fixing-advertisng-boston-november-30-7pm