Does FBX produce different time-of-day conversion patterns?


Originally posted on, March 25, 2013

By Beth Logan, Director of Optimization

Despite recent reports that users sometimes “take a break” from Facebook, the site is phenomenally popular. It is a highly engaging place where many users spend a disproportionately large amount of time, both viewing and creating content. Therefore, when we started running campaigns on Facebook Exchange (FBX), we were keen to investigate whether conversions followed new time-of-day patterns there.

post last year mentions that users convert “all day” on Facebook vs. post-work hours for other platforms, based on an analysis of click-through conversions. Our analysis, using the more popular view-through conversion model, shows that the patterns are not so different after all. We did find, though, that proportionally more early-morning (post-midnight) impressions led to conversions on FBX.

The study

We studied four campaigns running on both FBX and other exchanges. Two campaigns were in the financial vertical and two were retail campaigns. We pulled a week’s worth of data and looked at the local time that users saw impressions on FBX and other exchanges, and whether those impressions led to view-through conversions. We normalized the action through rate (ATR) and fitted a smoothed curve to the plots.

To see the results of the study, please see the full article, Does FBX produce different time-of-day conversion patterns?, on!