Extend your Super Bowl campaign programmatically!


By Mukund Ramachandran, General Manager, Video & Brand

It’s Superbowl time! And if you are like me, a football neutral, you look forward as much to the ads as it is to the game itself. And if you are in the marketing profession, there would be good reasons why.

Consider these facts:

But why? In fact, just over 20 years ago, an average Super Bowl ad cost only about $1M—that’s a growth of 300% in 20 years. There are 2 key reasons this is the case:

  • The Super bowl continues to be the place where an advertiser can reach a more than 110 million viewers with just a single spot, with last year’s matchup between the Giants and Patriots netting a record 111.3 million viewers. So, for a big splashy launch which requires a mass reach, the Super Bowl continues to be unmatched.
  • From a consumer perspective, the ads around the Super Bowl have become as important as the game itself. In fact, according to MediaPost:
    • 39% of adults say that ads are the favorite part of Super Bowl.
    • 38% of viewers actually take bathroom breaks during the game so as not to miss the ads.
    • 72% think Super Bowl ads are funnier and a full 57% consider them to more creative than other ads.

Advertisers are aware of the mass reach and the consumer perception around Super Bowl ads and so they continue to invest heavily in building great creative for the Super Bowl spots. The industry estimates for creative vary widely, but in the past years, advertisers have spent close to $1M just for the creative alone.

But is a marketers’ job done once the Super Bowl is over? We think not.  More than ever, consumers live their lives digitally. And this means they watch more digital content and video ads; in fact, the same MediaPost study quoted above says that more than 69% of the US adults watched a Super Bowl commercial online.

This makes good economic sense – why build great creative, generate tremendous buzz for your brand and not follow that up with a robust online campaign? Smart marketers are using today’s tools like social and online video to extend the conversation online, both leading up to and following the big game.

Programmatic video can be a great complement to a brand’s Super Bowl strategy.  With programmatic buying of online video spots, a marketer can a) target the Super Bowl spots to more specific, targeted demos; b) build interactive ad formats that drive response & engagement; and c) use advanced brand optimization techniques to ensure that the creative actually reaches those users who are likely to be favorably influenced by the commercial.

Smart marketers are already thinking this way, and we think more & more marketers will take advantage of programmatic video buying post-Super Bowl this year.

Check back in next week for our post-game ad analysis!