Expanding Real Time Bidding


LCD monitor with clouds

It is remarkable to think back on the last 12 months and reflect upon the growth of real time bidding (RTB) and the rise of demand side platforms (DSP).   When I joined DataXu one year ago, no one knew what a DSP was or why they needed one.  Today everyone is a DSP, has a DSP or wants to be one.  Even my dog Winston launched the first and only BSP (Bark Side Platform) a couple of months back.

But I digress – my point is that things have come a long way, and DataXu continues to lead the industry with firsts.  Working with partners PointRoll and AdMeld, and client innovation partner, Team Detroit, today we announced the industry’s first expandables campaign running through RTB.

No longer will engaging rich media formats be limited to guaranteed buys – buys that by definition are missing out on the Data Revolution, and the huge opportunity to deliver better results, more efficiently, and at greater scale.

Soon billions of impressions will be available for brand marketers looking to take advantage of the reach, scale and efficiency of RTB. Our unique media management platform that combines automated media buying, optimization and analytics – will automatically place these slick rich media creatives in front of the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price. Through one platform, advertisers will be able to run across multiple channels, with multiple media formats.

Following closely on the heels of our DX2 launch, this is yet another innovative offering that enables brands to leverage the benefits of exchange traded media…and we are only just getting started.

-Adrian Tompsett, Director of Business Development, DataXu